Town Gate Practice: 01291 440065

Sedbury Surgery: 01291 626041

Dispensary: 01291 621507 (2pm – 6pm)



Access to all surgeries is by appointment only. You can choose to be seen at either the Chepstow or Sedbury surgery.

The Practice aims to provide a personalised medical service. We encourage patients to see the professional of their choice for routine problems, and endeavour to provide a prompt service for more pressing problems by providing acute appointments that are available within 24 hours.

In order for the appointment system to provide the best service we rely on you as a patient to keep or cancel any appointments that you make, and to co-operate with the reception staff in their efforts to obtain the most appropriate appointment to fit your needs.

Booking an appointment – An explanation of reception triage

When you telephone the surgery to book an appointment, the receptionist will ask you the reason for the appointment. Whatever you say will be treated in the strictest of confidence and all staff have signed a confidentiality agreement. We ask this because the receptionist has several types of appointments available and needs to offer you the most appropriate appointment to deal with your problem.

The most appropriate appointment within practice may be with the GP, the Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Pharmacist, Midwife or Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner. If appropriate you may be advised to seek an appointment elsewhere such as a local pharmacy via the choose pharmacy scheme or with your optician or dentist.

This system is designed to benefit you, If the reception team appoint appropriately you will receive the most relevant care and more GP availability when it is necessary.

Routine appointments

These are with the Doctor of choice, at a time of your choosing within the normal surgery hours and are for all non acute presentations. There are times that are busier than others however and this may mean a slightly longer waiting time for early morning, and late evening appointments especially. Routine appointments are of 12 minutes duration  and offer continuity and choice when dealing with episodes of illness.

Acute appointments

There are some problems which need to be dealt with more quickly that others i.e. infections or acutely painful conditions.

The practice offers acute appointments for these conditions and in most circumstances will provide an appointment within one working day.

These appointments are;

  • Are dealt with by the duty Doctor
  • Only deal with the acute problem

Telephone access to the medical team

If you need to speak on the telephone to a member of the medical team, you may leave your contact number, times of availability, and some details with the receptionist and a member of the team will return you call.

Appointment policies

Please click here to read Access Standards Guidance


Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 30th March, 2023